I count the course led by Case-Green and Sakakini last summer as my spiritual luxury. Nothing has been more refreshing for heart, mind and soul recently. Whether you are brand new to faith or have studied and taught theology over many years like me, it will help you see and think and pray afresh - so long as you take the risk of new discovery!
Far from ‘I think therefore I am’ this course/book is more ‘I look therefore I discover’. Case-Green and Sakakini are the very best kind of theologians: uncomplicated and profound in presenting deep and sophisticated stuff in simple and accessible ways. I was inspired in mind and soul, not only to think but to pray, not only to read but to make.
— The Rt Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells, Bishop of Dorking and Former Professor of Bible and Ministry at Duke Divinity School.

"There has been a much-needed coming together of theology and the arts in recent years-some might call it a resurgence. Gill Sakakini and Karen Case-Green have been very much a part of this, and provide here in Imaging the Story an original as well as practical guide in how to celebrate both word and image throughout the biblical narrative: from creation to consummation. The church, to whom the book is dedicated, desperately needs resources like this."

Rev. Dr Ian Stackhouse, Senior Pastor, Guildford Baptist Church, UK and author.


"With deep roots in the literary and the visual arts respectively, the co-authors of this book bring an exceptional understanding of 'how art works' to their lively faith. They know from experience that the interaction of faith with art can be transformative, and this is a book that--with fresh, practical directness as well as sensitivity and insight--undoubtedly seeks to transform. Individuals and church communities will find their eyes and ears opened to God in new ways by this book, precisely as their hands are invited to pick up a pen or paintbrush. It is a book full of epiphanies."

Ben Quash, Professor of Christianity and the Arts, Director of the Centre for Arts and the Sacred at King's, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King's College London


"Gill Sakakini and Karen Case-Green reawaken us to the astonishing story of the God who created us and who came among us in the flesh. With compelling tools, practices, and points of entry, they invite us into a daring journey: to behold the world and the God who has not abandoned it but who still seeks to take flesh in this world through us. They are visionary stewards of the sacred imaginations God has entrusted to us."

Jan Richardson, artist and author


This marvelous book is not content to simply teach readers about the arts. Rather, it invites them to become artists themselves. And as it actively engages readers in this artistry, the book not only presents the biblical narrative, but invites us to become participants in it. This book, which is dedicated to the church, is a gift to the church indeed.

Steven R. Guthrie, Professor of Theology, Religion, and the Arts, Belmont University

I so enjoyed ‘Imaging the Story’. I did the Summer School version - a wonderfully immersive experience - and really appreciated the clever interweaving of God’s revelation and the human response in art & poetry, both ancient and modern. For me, ’spirituality’ is about ‘responding to God’, and to respond CREATIVELY is deeply fulfilling. Preparing a piece for the exhibition afterwards gave me the opportunity to take my felt-making in a new direction.

— The Revd Sally Dakin, Spirituality Adviser, Diocese of Winchester